Reference Materials

Presbytery Directory

Handbook for Clerks of Session 2021-22

Session Minutes Checklist 2021-22

2022 Facts and Figures

Combined Pulpit Supply and Moderator Lists and Fees

2022 Per Capita sample letter

Presbytery Assembly Meetings and Minutes

Basic Parliamentary Procedure

2022 Mileage Rates

Stated and Called Meeting Planning Protocol

Sample - Congregational Membership Transfer Letters

Real Estate and Mortgage Process Chart

Book of Order 2019-23

Libro de Orden 2020-21

규례서 - 한국어 2019-21

Book of Confessions

Libro de Confesiones

신 앙 고 백 서


2022 Information Form

Installed Pastor Call Form

2022 Remittance Form

Inquirer Application

Committee on Representation Nomination Recommendation Form

Committee on Representation Self-Nomination Recommendation Form

Instructions for the Session Annual Statistical Report


Summary of the Four Agreements.pdf
     in doc format

2022 Covenant Pastoral Agreement (191)
     in docx format

2022 Interim Pastoral Agreement (105 155)
     in docx format

2022 Non-PC(USA) Temporary Pastoral Agreement
     in docx format

2022 Temporary Pastoral Agreement (108 158)
     in docx format

2022 Commissioned Ruling Elder Agreement (107)
     in docx format


2022 Minister Compensation Form (101 103)
     in docx format

2022 Minister Couple Compensation Form
     in docx format

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